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Hoof Prep

  1. Use nitrile or latex gloves while prepping the hoof. Dirt and oil from your hands will easily contaminate the hoof and will compromise the adhesive bond.
  2. Trim the horse’s hoof in preparation for application.
  3. Use a wire brush on the hoof wall, sole and frog to remove all dirt and debris.
  4. Place the Flip Flop on the horse’s hoof, mark on the Flip Flop where the rear will need to be trimmed down to.
  5. Remove and trim the length of the Flip Flop, if needed.
  6. Clean the dorsal vertical wall of the hoof with a Buffy or wire brush.
  7. Use the edge of a rasp to rough the wall area of the hoof that will have contact with the cuff.
  8. Use a heat gun or torch to dry the hoof wall. Do not skip this step. Wire brush the hoof and remove dust.
  9. Heat gun or torch the hoof wall a second time. Wire brush the hoof and remove all remaining dust.

Flip Flop Handling

Keep Flip Flop clean and away from dust and debris prior to installation. Do not handle the Flip Flop with your bare hands: use clean nitrile or latex gloves. Dirt and oil from your hands will easily contaminate clean Flip Flops and will compromise the adhesive bond.


  1. Start with a new Vettec Adhere cartridge. If your Adhere has been laying around for months in a horse trailer, has been exposed to heat for long periods of time or has been exposed to temperature extremes, do not use. It makes a difference and the glue can be compromised.
  2. Insert glue into a Vettec gun. Cut open the tube of Vettec Adhere at the marker line cut perpendicular to the cartridge. Do not cut at an angle.
  3. Purge a small amount of material until both sides empty at the same rate.
  4. Apply a mixing tip but do not squeeze any material out of the mixing tip until you are ready to apply Adhere to the Flip Flop.
  5. Purge the first inch of the material that comes out of the mixing tip on the ground, making sure the material is black and shiny in consistency. If the Glue is grainy or pale purple and opaque, discard the glue cartridge and start with a fresh cartridge.
  6. Apply a generous layer of Adhere with mixing tip to only the vertical wall of the cuff, leaving a small gap above the base of the Flip Flop to ensure no glue gets under the sole.
  7. Slide the Flip Flop onto the hoof, once the Flip Flop is positioned well, set the foot down toe first and have the horse bare weight on the foot. Pick up the opposite leg and keep the opposite leg in the air for 90 seconds or, until the Adhere becomes tacky.
  8. Apply a bead of Adhere around the top of the cuff to complete the gluing process.
  9. Keep the horse calm and still for 5 minutes.


  1. Let the glue set for at least 15 minutes.
  2. Blend and smooth the glue on the cuff with the hoof buffer or rasp. Do not sand down the sides of the cuff where it attaches to the base of the Flip Flop.
  3. Apply Super Glue to the hoof wall below the hairline if desired.

Pour in Pad (Optional)

  1. Once the Adhere is set and cuff is cleaned up, a pour in pad can be added if desired.
  2. We recommend, Vettec Equipak Soft, Glue-U Silicones or Glue-U Urethane Fast.
  3. Pick up the foot and pull the heel of the Flip Flop away from the hoof. Fill with desired packing material only to the midpoint of the sole.
  4. Hold the foot up to allow the packing material to set. The time until weight bearing depends on packing material.
  5. Allow the foot to become weight bearing before the packing is completely set to allow any extra material to escape.
  6. Keep the horse clam and still until the packing has set completely.
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