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Removing the Easyboot Edge is as easy as putting it on.


*Note: The Easyboot Edge is designed for a barefoot hoof that is slightly longer than wide and has limited flare. The Easyboot Edge does not work well on a round hoof or a hoof with excess flare

  1. Loosen the Easyboot Edge worm clamp using the EasyKey by turning it counter-clockwise (see illustration).
  2. Fold the gaiter back before fitting the boot over the hoof.
  3. Pick up the horse’s leg and support the cannon bone between your knees so that you can use two hands when applying the boot.
  4. Using technique rather than strength, place the boot over the horse’s toe and, using a slight back and forth twisting motion, slide the boot on the rest of the way. You can also put the foot down on the ground and allow the horse to put weight into it. Don’t use the gaiter to pull the boot on.

  5. Check for proper fit before tightening worm clamp. Make sure all portions of the boot are below the hairline. If all portions of the boot (excluding the gaiter) are below the hairline, tighten the worm clamp with the EasyKey by turning it clockwise (see illustration). Snug the boot, but don’t overtighten. The worm clamp system is designed so that a flathead screwdriver or even a penny can be used to tighten or loosen the worm clamp if the EasyKey is misplaced.
  6. Fasten the Easyboot Edge Gaiter. Pull the top of the gaiter tight around the pastern. Fasten the hook and loop straps. The tighter the fit, the better the boot will perform. Due to their great deal of elasticity, gaiter straps cannot be over tightened. Overlap the hook and loop straps as much as needed to insure a tight fit and avoid rubbing issues. This overlapping does not compromise the integrity of the gaiter. When properly tightened, it should be difficult to fit a finger between the pastern and the top of the gaiter.
    Easyboot Fitting



Removing the Easyboot Edge.

  1. Loosen the worm clamp using the EasyKey by turning it counter-clockwise (see illustration).
  2. Unfasten the gaiter straps.
  3. Slip the boot off the hoof.
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