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Easyboot Transition - Frequently Asked Questions


Q What is the Easyboot Transition?

A The Transition offers an innovative combination of shock absorption and support never before seen in a hoof boot. The lightweight upper protects the hoof and pastern joint from trail hazards. Reversible hook and loop straps at the front and back secure the boot on the hoof and allow for precise fit adjustments. At the core of the boot, a polyurethane bumper offers pliability and resilience. The flexible bumper and hardy outsole are molded together to form a supportive midsole for the hoof to stand on. Depressions within the outsole structure are filled with the softer midsole material to create an integrated cushion. At its base, there is a trail-proven tread pattern that excels in multiple disciplines.

Q What is the Easyboot Transition used for?

A The Transition is an ideal hoof boot for pleasure riding (less than 25 miles per week) and is also suitable for therapeutic applications.

Q Can I use the Easyboot Transition for endurance?

A The Easyboot Transition is designed specifically for light and medium mileage riders who ride up to 25 miles per week.

Q Why only 25 miles per week?

A It is impossible to determine a one-size-fits-all mileage threshold because every horse is different, and so is every trail. So the 25-mile designation is not a scientific one. But just as you would not run a marathon in hiking boots, it does not mean that the hiking boots will always hurt your feet. Their size, shape and weight are simply designed for a different purpose. This is also true with the Easyboot Transition, which is designed specifically for the pleasure and trail rider.

Q Am I going to be able to put the Easyboot Transition on my horse on my own?

A It's quick and easy to apply and requires no strength or force.

Q Where can I ride with the Easyboot Transition?

A The closure system keeps boots secure in the toughest of trail conditions on the most challenging of hoof shapes.

Q What are the features of the Easyboot Transition?

A Features:

  • » Leather and soft weave fabric construction protects the hoof from trail hazards.
  • » Breathable mesh upper.
  • » Reflective details increase visibility in low light.
  • » Bumper adds flexibility to the core of the boot.
  • » Industrial strength hook and loop straps allow for multiple adjustments.
  • » Flexible bumper and hardy outsole seamlessly molded together for additional shock absorption.
  • » Fabric & synthetic outsole resists wear and increases flexibility.
  • » Semi-aggressive trail-proven tread.

Q Are the Easyboot Transition boots left or right specific?

A No, the Transition fits on both the left and right hoof. EasyCare recommends attaching the hook and loop straps so they face out when applied. To change the direction of the strap, simply follow the instructions in the application guide.

Q Do I need to gradually break my horse into the Easyboot Transition?

A Give your horse time to adjust to wearing the Transition boots. The first time you fit your horse, start by just walking out for a short time. Gradually increase the duration and distance of rides to ensure your horse becomes accustomed to the new hoofwear. Too much too soon can lead to chafing.

Q Can I turn my horse out wearing the Easyboot Transition?

A Yes, you can turn your horse out in the Easyboot Transition either to get him used to wearing or breaking in the boots or to provide protection.

Q Can I ride my horse with the Easyboot Transition over metal shoes?

A Yes. If you intend to use the Easyboot Transition over metal shoes, take the hoof measurements after the horse is newly shod to ensure a correct size. Using our hoof boots over metal shoes voids the 90-day repair/replacement warranty.

Q Are the Easyboot Transition boots worn on all four feet?

A That is really personal preference. It depends on distance covered and type of terrain.

Q Do I require the same size Easyboot Transition on the front and rears?

ANot necessarily. Always take hoof measurements as soon as possible after a fresh trim and measure each hoof separately. Correct size selection and proper fitting are very important and will ensure maximum performance from the Easyboot Transition.

Q Does the Easyboot Transition offer good traction?

A The Transition offers superb traction on all surfaces including aggressive mountain terrain, creek beds, asphalt and loose gravel.

Q Is there a warranty on the Easyboot Transition?

A EasyCare offers a 90 day repair or replacement warranty for all hoof boots purchased as new.


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