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New Mac’s Multi-purpose Horse Boots - Frequently Asked Questions



Q How do I know which boot is for the left and which one is for the right hoof?

A The hook and loop straps on the rear of the boot fasten to the outside of the boot. The internal straps also fasten toward the outside of the hoof. Both straps may be switched to accommodate either a right or left foot.

Q Can I add a pad to this boot?

A Yes, you may add any EasyCare Comfort Pad.

Q Why don’t they come with gaiters?

A The New Mac boot no longer needs an accessory gaiter. The gaiter is now built into the rear of the boot.

Q Will they stay on in mud and water crossings?

A Yes, the New Mac boot is extremely secure and is designed to stay on through water crossings and in deep mud. Drain holes in the sole allow water to escape.

Q The description says the New Mac can be used for therapy. How long can it be left on?

A 12 hours on 12 hours off is a good rule of thumb for leaving boots on a hoof. You could leave them on up to 22 hours a day, but the boots should be removed, cleaned and dried once a day. Not only does this give the hooves time to breathe, it also allows you to monitor for any sign of chafing or early signs of infection.

Q What is the purpose of the inner strap?

A The internal pastern strap helps keep torque off of the rear hook and loop closures when the boot is subjected to pressure from within. It adds a layer of security to the New Mac and helps make it one of the most reliable boots on the market today.

Q Are these boots sold in pairs?

A The New Mac boots are sold in pairs.

Q Why are they right/left specific?

A The New Mac’s boots are actually ambidextrous. The internal pastern strap and the external snug strap are right/left specific but can be switched. Open ends of the Velcro closures should point to the outside of the horse. This keeps the horse from opening the Velcro straps by interfering and keeps you from having to reach across and under your horse to fasten or unfasten straps.

Q Can these boots be used over a steel shoe?

A The New Mac boots may be used over metal shoes, but doing so will void the warranty. Covering the exposed ends where the nails have been clinched may prolong the life of your boot should you choose to use them over metal shoes.

Q What's the difference between the New Trail and the New Mac?

A The New Mac has all the features of the New Trail boot but also has the addition of an internal strap that wraps around the pastern. This strap gives the boot another layer of security. They are also sold in pairs rather than singles and are available in a black and silver color pattern.

Q Can the boot be used for turn out?

A Yes-the New Mac’s boot is suitable for turnout.

Q How are these boots different from the Old Mac's G2?

A The New Mac boots now feature larger rivets and a larger shield across the front. The built in snug strap is now Velcro and nylon instead of leather. A soft integrated gaiter is built into the rear of the boot. This new gaiter contours around the heel bulbs and is a snugger fit than the leather interior of the older style boots. The rolled top is now a softer material, adding even comfort for your horse.

Q Is the sizing now different?

A Sizing is the same for the New Mac as for the Old Mac’s G2.



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