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Having properly trimmed your horse’s hooves and selected the appropriate size Old Mac's we would now like to take you through the easy steps of fitting Old Mac's on your horse.


  1. Find a clean soft surface such as your lawn, large rubber mat or piece of carpet to boot up on, so if you select the wrong size you can exchange them unmarked.

    Old Mac's Fitting



  2. Fully open the cover ensuring that no Velcro® areas are touching and that the cover is pulled well forward.

    Old Mac's Fitting



  3. Facing the rear of your horse, pick up the hoof and place it toe first into the boot. Pull the soft leather rear of the boot up over the bulbs of the hoof and then using the palm of your hand, "slap" the heel of the boot on the sole. You should feel the heels of the hoof "pop" into the boot. It should have the same feel as when you slip your own heels down into your own riding boots.


    If the new boot just falls onto the hoof, it is likely you have a size too big. If the heel of the hoof struggles to slip into the boot, then it is likely you have a size too small, and the heels of the hoof are sitting on the wall of the boot and not "in" the boot. Now place the hoof onto the ground and continue booting up.

    Old Mac's Fitting



  4. Wrap the main webbing strap around the pastern bone from the back of the hoof around the front and then to the back again. Feed the strap through the metal loop and then apply minimum pressure to tighten the strap, Velcro® it back over on itself. To confirm correct tightness of this strap, you should be able to force your finger between the strap and the pastern at the side of the pastern. It is very important that this strap is no tighter than your watch band around your wrist; otherwise it will chafe the pastern.


    It is also important to note here that it is the position of the cross-over on the top of the bulbs which secures the boot, not the "tightness" of it. Once you have secured this strap, you should have a minimum of 3 inches or 80mm passed through the metal loop and Velcro® over on itself. Any less and your boots are too small.

    Old Mac's Fitting



  5. Ensuring both side flaps are pushed firmly against the hoof wall, force the cover towards the rear of the hoof in a downward direction before crossing the ends of the cover at the rear and securing. At this point you should ensure that the foam-filled leather collar of the cover is molded firmly around the pastern bone. Also check to ensure no Velcro® is exposed at the sides. If Velcro® can be seen the cover has been secured too high and will increase the chances of chafing at the rear of the pastern.


    Now secure the outside buckle strap firmly- not girth tight. Your Old Macs are now securely in place.


    Your best friend will love you… even more!

    Old Mac's Fitting

… some ‘SOUND’ advice


  1. Old Mac’s should be fitted as the boots are marked – ‘LEFT’ and ‘RIGHT’, with the securing buckle placed on the outside of each hoof.


  2. After you have placed your horse’s hoof into the boot you need to ensure that there is firm contact between the heel of the hoof and the sole of the boot. To avoid part of the rear of the hoof sitting up on the wall of the Old Mac’s sole you may need to remove 1-2 mm of the hoof wall. This will allow the hoof to correctly slip into the boot, while also ensuring there is room for hoof growth.


  3. It is very important to ensure the entire 'horny hoof' sits within the Old Mac's outsole. Only the bulbs of the hoof should make contact with the leather rear of the boot. If the heels of the hoof extend past the outsole and are standing on the rear of the boot you have selected a size too small.


  4. Ensure Old Mac’s are put on straight. (Refer to picture in Step Five of fitting instructions).


  5. After securing the main webbing strap if you cannot comfortably slip a finger between the horse's pastern and the webbing strap you have secured it too tightly.


  6. After the cover has been secured ensure Velcro® ends are overlapped in the correct position


  7. Working your horse in incorrect sized Old Mac's can lead to chafing. Correct size selection will ensure maximum performance.


  8. It is recommended you give your horse time to adjust to wearing Old Mac's. The first time you fit your horse with Old Mac's just walk him out. Gradually increasing the duration and length of rides wearing Old Mac's will ensure your equine friend has become accustomed to his new 'hoofwear'. Too much too soon can lead to chafing.


  9. If after fitting your Old Mac boots you find the inside pastern strap has insufficient length to properly secure, then you have selected boots too small for your horse . This is the result of the hoof being too long for the boot which means the horse is standing on the soft rear of the boot instead of being completely on the TPU outsole and this will lead to premature wear to the outside soft leather rear of the boot as well as giving the indication the pastern strap has insufficient length to secure properly . The correct size boots should have a minimum of 80mm or 3 " of strap passed through the metal loop and secured over on itself. If you have less than 60mm or 2" of pastern strap Velcoed over on itself we recommend you try boots at least two sizes larger.
Old Mac's Fitting
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