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Old Mac’s G2 Multi-purpose Horse Boots - Frequently Asked Questions



Q What are Old Mac’s G2s used for?

A Old Mac’s G2 Multi-purpose hoof boots are a proven alternative for the metal shoe in day to day riding. When used during transport, Old Mac’s G2 will give your horse better traction.


Q Can I use the Old Mac’s G2 for endurance?

A The G2 is designed specifically for light and medium mileage riders who ride up to 25 miles per week.


Q What are the benefits for my horse and I if I choose to use Old Mac’s G2s?

A Old Mac’s G2s provide Hoof Suspension, helping to prevent concussion-related injuries.


Q Are Old Mac’s G2s comfortable for my horse?

A The G2 allows full freedom of movement. This keeps pressure low on the hoof wall and spread evenly throughout the whole boot, so that no one area receives concentrated pressure. All materials are flexible and soft against the pastern.


Q Am I going to be able to put the Old Mac’s G2 on my horse on my own?

A Yes, the simplicity and practical design of the G2 means anyone can fit this boot.


Q Where can I ride with my Old Mac’s G2s?

A You can ride anywhere, on any terrain, at any speed, with 100% hoof protection.


Q Can I turn my horse out wearing the Old Mac’s G2?

A Yes, you can turn your horse out in the G2 either to get him used to wearing or breaking in the boots or to provide protection.


Q Do I need to gradually break my horse into the Old Mac’s G2?

A It is recommended that you give your horse time to adjust to wearing the G2. The first time that you fit your horse, just walk him out. Gradually increase the duration and length of rides. Too much too soon can lead to chafing. If your horse has particularly sensitive skin, use the EasyCare gaiters (included), vet wrap or a small bandage during the initial stages of using the G2.


Q Can I ride my horse with the Old Mac’s G2 over metal shoes?

A Yes, if you intend to use the G2 over metal shoes, take the hoof measurements after the horse is newly shod to ensure a correct size. Using our hoof boots over metal shoes voids the 90-day repair/replacement warranty.


Q I understand that I can only exchange boots that are unused. How can I determine if the boots fit without going for a ride?

A We back all of our products with a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product for any reason, EasyCare will gladly refund your purchase price (excluding shipping and handling) within 30 days of purchase.


Q Can I use the Old Mac’s G2 as a treatment boot?

A The G2 also doubles as a therapy boot. Help your horse recover from abscesses, hoof injuries, founder, navicular disease, punctures and sole bruises. This boot cannot be used as a soaking boot.


Q Do I require the same size G2 on the front and rears?

A Not necessarily. Always take hoof measurements as soon as possible after a fresh trim and measure each hoof separately. Correct size selection and proper fitting are very important and will ensure maximum performance from the G2.


Q How long can I leave the Old Mac’s G2s on?

A We recommend that you do not leave the G2s on for more than 24 hours at a time. You would want to check for rubs, remove any debris from the boot, let the boot and hoof air out and then put the boot back on again.


Q Are the Old Mac’s G2 boots worn on all four feet?

A That is really a personal preference. It depends on distance covered and type of terrain.


Q Do the Old Mac’s G2s fit the same as the Old Mac’s Original?

A No, please refer to the size chart for the Old Mac’s G2.


Q Can I use the Old Mac’s G2 for jumping and eventing?

A With a good fit, you can use the G2 for both.


Q Do Old Mac’s G2s have good traction?

A Old Mac’s G2s have superb traction on all surfaces including aggressive mountainous terrain, creek beds, asphalt, loose gravel, and wet grass where horses can lose their footing. Old Mac’s G2s all-terrain sole pushes out mud, sand and debris. The high-performance tread remains intact rather than becoming smooth and slippery.


Q Can the Old Mac’s G2 get waterlogged?

A No, there are drainage holes built into the sole of the boot.


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