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EasyCare Therapy Click System - Frequently Asked Questions


Q What EasyCare boots work with the Click system?

A Most of our boots will work with the click system there are a select few that will not. Here is a list of our boots that will accommodate the Click system

  • » EasyBoot RX
  • » Transition
  • » Original EasyBoot
  • » EasyBoot Epic
  • » EasyBoot Glove
  • » Glove Back Country
  • » EasyBoot Glue On
  • » EasyBoot Cloud

Q Can the Click be used with EasyShoes?

A Unfortunately the Click System does not work with the any of our EasyShoes at this time.

Q Can my horse be turned out with the Click?

A We only recommend light turn out in a small paddock when using the Click system.

Q Can I add Quick Studs or Ice Studs to the Click?

A We do not recommend adding studs to the Click Base.

Q Can my horse be rode in the Click?

A We do not recommend riding with the Click System it is for therapy purposes only. Hand walking would be just fine if the horse needs to get out for some exercise.

Q Do I have to use glue to apply the click to my boots?

A No the Click system is attached to the boots with screws and yes we also offer replacement screws.

Q Can I reapply the Click System to preexisting holes?

A Yes you can. Just make sure that the hole are clean out well and free of any dirt or debris.

Q How much do they weigh?

A The 10 degree weighs 11 ounces for the smallest size and 20 ounces for the largest. The 5 degree weighs 9 ounces for the smallest and 16 ounces for the largest size.

Q Can the angle be modified?

A Yes, using a grinder the Click can be modified to exactly what your horse needs.

Q Can the Click be used on just one foot?

A Yes, the click system can be used on just one foot. Speak with your veterinarian before doing so to insure it will not compromise the other foot in any way.


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