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EasyCare has devoted a considerable amount of resources to intellectual property. This effort has been spent for the benefit of EasyCare and our dealer network in two areas:


1) Ensuring our designs do not infringe on the patent rights of others:

Extensive patent searches have been performed and are performed when new products are introduced.


2) Protecting the unique ideas that make the EasyCare hoof boots work so well:

Currently, EasyCare has two US patents issued, a PCT patent issued and several more pending. Patents are also pending worldwide.


Issued US Patents:

EasyCare hoof boots are protected by US Patent #’s 5,661,363; D440,363.

EasyCare hoof boot gaiters are protected by US Patent # 7,174,858.


Issued PCT Patents:

EasyCare distributes the Old Mac’s branded hoof boot line under PCT Patent #AU99/00800.


Pending US and PCT Patents:

  1. Boa Horse Boot
  2. Easyboot Epic
  3. Easyboot Bare
  4. New Easyboot Buckle System
  5. New Hoof Boot Tread System
  6. E-Z Ride Stirrup Cushion System


Partner Patents:

EasyCare partnered with Boa Technology to bring the Boa Horse Boot to market. The Boa System is protected by US Patent #’s 5,934,599; 6,202,953; 6,289,558. Other US and foreign patents pending.


EasyCare and EasyCare Partner Trademarks:
Easyboot Bare®
Bare is Better®
Old Mac’s®

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