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EasyCare Fit Kit Frequently Asked Questions


Q How do I know if I need a fit kit?

A If you are unsure of your measurements, or if your horse does not fit into the same size width and length on the size chart, then you should order a fit kit.


Q How do I know what size fit kit to order?

A A fit kit gives you the size you think you need, plus a half size on either side. Measure your horse and look at the size chart for the Glove/Glue-On. You will want to go by your horse’s width. If your horse measures a size #1.5 in width you will need to order a size #1.5 Fit Kit. This will give you a size #1, a #1.5 and a #2 boot.


Q How much does the Fit Kit cost?

A A consumer fit kit costs $12 to “borrow” the kit and check sizing. This amount includes postage paid return packaging.


Q How long can I keep my fit kit?

A You must return your kit within 30 days of the day you ordered it.


Q What happens if I don’t return it?

A EasyCare will charge your credit card for retail pricing on the boots, plus a non-return fee.


Q Can let my horse use the Fit Kit shells for turn-out or to ride in?

A The shells are not designed for riding or for turn-out, but solely for fitting purposes.


Q How can I tell if the boots fit?

A Your packet will contain a Fit Kit Application guide, complete with photos. The boot should fit snug and the “V” in the front should spread. If you see any gaps where the boot is not flush after trying on a few sizes, these are probably not the right boot for your horse.


Q One of the shells fits my horse and I would like to keep it. Can I?

A No, we would like you to return the fit kit in its entirety.



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