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Fitting the Easyboot Back Country to Your Horse

  1. Fully open the upper, ensuring that no hook and loop areas are touching and that the cover is pulled completely forward.
  2. Fold the Comfort Cup Gaiter back so it is flush with the back of the boot shell.
  3. Facing the rear of your horse, pick up the hoof and slip it into the boot. Place the sole of the hoof firmly down into the boot and pull the Comfort Cup Gaiter over the heel bulb. Place the hoof on the ground to a weight-bearing position. Lift the opposite leg to assure the hoof is fully weight bearing.
  4. Starting at the front, push both side flaps against the hoof wall in a downward direction. Secure the upper at the rear by pulling both ends firmly around the heel, overlapping the flaps evenly.
  5. Finally, secure the Snug Strap on the rear of the boot.
  6. The Easyboot Back Country is now securely in place. Confirm that the Easyboot Back Country patch on the front of the boot is aligned through the center line of the hoof and pastern bone.
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