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Fitting the Easyboot Mini on Your Horse

  1. Fully open the upper to ensure that no hook and loop areas are touching.
  2. Fold down the back portion of the boot.
  3. Facing the rear of the horse, pick up the foot and slip into the boot, toe first. Place the sole of the hoof firmly down into the Easyboot Mini. Pull the rear of the boot up around the heel bulb.
  4. Place the foot on the ground to a weight bearing position. Lift the opposite leg to assure the hoof is fully weight bearing.
  5. Pull the rear flaps around the pastern and secure the hook and loop.
  6. Confirm that the hook and loop is centered on the pastern bone. The Easyboot Mini is now securely in place.

Easyboot Mini Sizing and Fitting Tips

  • Easyboot Mini boots are not left/right specific and will fit front or hind hooves.
  • Incorrectly sized Easyboot Mini boots can cause chafing. Correct size selection will ensure maximum performance and longevity of the boots.
  • Give your horse time to adjust to wearing the Easyboot Mini. Start with conservative use to allow for break in.
  • Gradually increase the duration of use. If being used for therapy, check for chafing frequently.

Sizing the Easyboot Mini for Your Horse

  • Take hoof measurements immediately following a trim.
  • Follow the steps on the back of this guide to select the correct size. Correct sizing is imperative for performance.
  • The Easyboot Mini comes in various sizes to fit a range of miniature horse, pony and foal hooves.
  • Easyboot Mini sizing allows for natural hoof growth throughout the trim cycle. Do not round up.
  • If you have concerns about sizing or fit, please contact EasyCare customer service at 800-447-8836.
  • If you intend to use the Easyboot Mini boots over steel shoes*, take your hoof measurements after the horse is freshly shod.

*Using EasyCare boots over a steel shoe voids the 30 day guarantee and the 90-day repair/replacement warranty.

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