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EasyCare is in the business of spreading the word about barefoot hoofcare and hoof boots. It is our goal to get your horse in quality hoof boots that will help make your riding experience exceptional. To help you keep your equipment current, and to help you keep your horse as comfortable and hoof healthy as possible, we have started a special Competitive Hoof Boot Upgrade Program. This is a great opportunity to save big on our boots, and to try out new boot styles. Be sure to tell everyone you know!

The Hoof Boot Upgrade Program allows customers to exchange competitor's hoof boots with another style of boot.

  1. Exchange limit of 2 boots per customer per year (Glue-ons are limited to 4 per year).
  2. Exchange boots must be riding boots (no soaking, medicating or custom boots).
  3. Each exchange boot will qualify toward 50% off a current EasyCare hoof boot design.
  4. Exchange boots will receive credit toward EasyCare hoof boot purchases only.
  5. An exchange form MUST accompany exchange boots. Boots without the form will be sent back at the customer’s expense.
  6. Postage both ways is the responsibility of the customer
Hoof Boot Upgrade Form


**New Competitor Glue-On Boot Upgrade Program** EasyCare now allows customers to turn in competitor’s glue-on boots in exchange for Easyboot Glue-Ons. All the rules of the regular Hoof Boot Upgrade program apply with one exception—customers are allowed to turn in 4 competitor hoof boots in exchange for 4 Easyboot Glue-Ons. Customers cannot exchange another boot type, other than a competitor’s glue-ons, for 4 Easyboot Glue-Ons. All 4 boots can be the same size or the customer can mix and match. We suggest you order a Fit Kit before deciding on sizes.

*Note: once submitted to EasyCare for the Hoof Boot Upgrade program, boots cannot be returned under any circumstances.

**Note: The Hoof Boot Upgrade Program no longer accepts EasyCare hoof boots as trade-ins. The Hoof Boot Upgrade Program is now open only to competitor brand hoof boots.