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  1. Fully open the Cordura® cover ensuring that no Velcro® areas are touching and that the cover is pulled completely forward.
  2. Facing the rear of your horse, pick up the hoof and slip it into the boot TOE FIRST. Place the sole of the hoof firmly down into the sole of the Easyboot Trail – pulling the heel of the boot over the heel bulb. Place the hoof on the ground to a weight-bearing position.
    Easyboot Trail Application #1 Easyboot Trail Application #1 Easyboot Trail Application #1
  3. Starting at the front, push both side flaps against the hoof wall in a downward direction. The collar of the boot should be snug around the pastern bone. Secure the cover at the rear by pulling both ends firmly around the heel, overlapping the double Velcro® flaps evenly.
  4. The Easyboot Trail is now securely in place. Confirm that the middle of the four rivets on the front of the boot are aligned through the center line of the hoof and pastern bone.
    Easyboot Trail Application #1 Easyboot Trail Application #1 Easyboot Trail Application #1

Easyboot Trail Fitting Tips

  • » Easyboot Trail boots fit on both the left and the right hoof: they are not left/right specific.
  • » After the cover has been secured, ensure Velcro® flap ends are overlapped in the correct position.
  • » Working your horse in incorrectly sized Easyboot Trails can lead to chafing. Correct size selection will ensure maximum performance and hoof boot durability.
  • » Give your horse time to adjust to wearing Easyboot Trail boots. The first time you fit your horse with Easyboot Trail boots, start by just walking out. Gradually increasing the duration and distance of rides wearing Easyboot Trail boots will ensure your equine friend becomes accustomed to the new hoof wear. Too much too soon can lead to chafing.


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