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Easyboot Glue-On Frequently Asked Questions


Q How do I measure?

A Measuring information can be found on the Easyboot Glue-On sizing page. Ideally, your horse should fit into the same size on the chart for both width and length. The upper end of the size chart is the actual physical dimension of the inside of the boot. So, a #1 boot is 115mm x 125mm.


Q If my horse wears a size 1 Easyboot, what is the comparable size?

AThe sizing for the Glue-On is completely different than our other boots. You will need to re-measure your horse in millimeters and look at the size chart. Glue-On boots come in both whole and half sizes.


Q How do I determine the correct size boot, and what is a Fit Kit?

A The best way to ensure the correct size is to order an EasyCare Fit Kit. This kit comes with three boots—the size you think you need and a half size on either side. The kit also comes with complete instructions (and photos) on how the boots should fit.


Q How do I know what size fit kit to order?

A A fit kit gives you the size you think you need, plus a half size on either side. Measure your horse and look at the size chart for the Glove/Glue-On. You will want to go by your horse’s width. If your horse measures a size #1.5 in width you will need to order a size #1.5 Fit Kit. This will give you a size #1, a #1.5 and a #2 boot.


Q What if I am more than one size apart?

A This boot is not right for the shape of your horse’s foot. You should look at another boot in the EasyCare line.


Q What is the difference between an Easyboot Glove and an Easyboot Glue-On?

A The Easyboot Glue-On and Easyboot Glove shells are exactly the same. The Glove has a gaiter added to the shell and helps keep the shell in place. The Glue-On does not have a gaiter and needs adhesive to keep the shell in place. You can convert an Easyboot Glove into an Easyboot Glue-On by simply removing the gaiter. You can also convert an Easyboot Glue-On shell into an Easyboot Glove by purchasing an Easyboot Glove gaiter and attaching it to the Glue-On shell.


Q What is involved in the process of applying an Easyboot Glue-On?

A You can download the Glue-On application guide in PDF format, or visit the Glue-On fitting page for instructional videos. You will need additional accessories including Vettec Adhere, Vettec mixing tips, Vettec glue gun, gloves, a rasp, and heat gun.


Q What adhesive do you use?

A Vettec Adhere and Sikaflex 227


Q Where can I find a heat gun?

A EasyCare does not sell heat guns. However, affordable heat guns can be found at most hardware stores.


Q How long can you keep the boots on?

A We recommend no longer than 5 days in a wet environment and 10 days in a dry environment.


Q What if my horse needs a different size boot for every foot?

A Because the sizing is so precise, it is possible that there will be horses with different sizes for each foot. Glue-On shells are sold in packs of four in one size, but they can be purchased individually from EasyCare as well. Again, your best bet is to order a fit kit so you can double-check your measurements.


Q How many uses will I get out of the boots?

A Generally, you will only get one use out of your boots, unless you diligently remove all the glue after use.


QWhat's the process to remove Easyboot Glue-On shells?

A Video instructions can be found on the Easyboot Glue-On fitting page.


Q Can the Easyboot Glue-On shell be reused?

A Yes. But you need to remove the glue inside the shell with a circular wire brush. This is best done on a drill press.


Q If I buy an Easyboot Glove, can I glue it on?

A You need to remove the Glove Gaiter before applying any Glue, but, yes, the shell for the Glue-On and the Glove are the same.


Q Are Glue-On's legal for competitive trail rides (CTR's)?

A Yes. You may want to train in an Easyboot Glove. Before the competition you may remove the Gaiter and glue the boot on for the event.


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