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Easyboot Glue-On Fitting


The entire process of applying the Easyboot Glue-On.




Please read through these instructions before starting the process. Prep time and additional supplies are needed (click here for Glue-On accessories).

Note: We do not recommend that a boot be left on for more than ten (10) days in a dry environment, or five (5) days in a wet, humid environment.

Take time to watch the application videos several times before you attempt gluing boots for the first time. The process is not a complicated one, but none of the steps can be missed and timing is crucial to successful gluing.

The most important part of the Easyboot Glue-On application is hoof preparation.

Additional time spent on the preparation stage will be rewarded. Make sure the hoof has been freshly trimmed before hoof preparation. If you are not comfortable with this procedure, please seek assistance from your hoof care professional.


  1. Tie the horse in a clean, dry area. A cement slab, trailer mat or asphalt area is preferred.
  2. Clean the hoof thoroughly. Use a hoof pick to remove all debris from the bottom of the hoof.







  4. Avoid using any oily products on the horse such as fly spray or show sheen, as they will add unwanted lubrication to the hoof wall.
  5. Rough up the hoof wall. Using the edge of a new rasp, score the bottom 2/3 of the hoof wall at an angle to the ground. Make the hoof wall as rough as you can with rasp striations all around the outside of the hoof wall. Use Nitrile Tough EasyCare gloves to protect your hands from the sharp edges of the rasp and to prevent any oils being transferred from your hands to the hoof wall. The hoof shape can be groomed slightly to match the boot shape during the clean-up process.
  6. Use a wire brush to thoroughly clean the sole and hoof wall.
  7. Use a heat gun on the sole and hoof wall if the feet are damp or were recently damp. If possible, the horse should be in a dry environment for 24 hours prior to applying Easyboot Glue-On hoof boots.
  8. Test the fit. Fit the Easyboot Glue-On to each of the hooves without any glue first: the boots should be very snug. If you do not have a tight, snug fit, change the size of boot shells you use. Rasp excess flaring if there are any visible bulges.


  1. Prepare to glue. The gluing process requires the use of two glues: a slower, softer-setting glue is applied to the base of the boot and a faster, harder-setting glue is applied to the hoof wall area. Make sure all hooves have remained on the clean, dry surface.
  2. Working in warmer temperatures will increase the speed at which the Adhere sets up. Working in cooler or damp environments will delay the set-up time. You may offset the external factors by cooling the Adhere in a portable cooler or by warming it near a heater in your trailer or your truck.
  3. Arrange the following gluing supplies in a clean work area:
    1. 1 Caulking gun (purchased at any hardware store)
    2. 1 tube of Sikaflex 227 (Goober Glue Hoof Pack is no longer available)
    3. 1 Vettec Premium Glue Gun with 1 Vettec Adhere cartridge inserted
    4. 1 - 2 mixing tips per hoof
    5. Nitrile Tough EasyCare gloves or non-powdered latex hand gloves
  4. Cut off the end of the Sikaflex tip and pierce the tube so the adhesive can be extracted from the tube. Place the tube into the caulking gun and prime the tube so the glue is ready
  5. Use protective hand gloves and boot shells that have not been exposed to any dust or oils.
  6. Apply Sikaflex in a triangular pattern to the base of the boot in the area where the frog will be in contact with the boot. For more sole concavity, use more glue than for a hoof with less concavity. Repeat for each of the boots and keep the boots in a cool, shaded environment where no dirt or debris will get into the boots. Since Sikaflex takes several hours to set up, there is no risk of the glue drying before you apply the boots to the hooves.
  7. Cut open the tube of Vettec Adhere at the marker line, apply a mixing tip and position the Glue-On shell and loaded dispensing gun near the hoof.
  8. Squeeze a little of the Adhere onto the ground to make sure the glue is mixing properly through the tip.
  9. Starting halfway up the inside of the boot shell, apply a generous layer of Adhere around the inner vertical wall of the boot from approximately the 8 O'clock position to the 4 O'clock position. Do not use Adhere at the rear of the boot. Work fast, as you only have 30-45 seconds for glue application and fitting. If the mixing tip gums up, discard it immediately and use another. Do not apply glue to the weight-bearing (sole) area of the boot.

    Boot Application

  1. Pick up the horse's foot and apply the boot.
  2. Twist the boot back and forth slightly past center 2-3 times. This helps set the glue and fill in all areas.
  3. Center the boot and set the horse’s foot on the ground.
  4. Ask your helper to pick up the opposite foot so the booted foot is weight-bearing. Hold the opposite leg for 90 seconds or until the Adhere becomes tacky to insure a good bond.
  5. Apply a bead of Adhere around the top of the boot shell to complete the gluing process. Do not apply Adhere to the soft tissue areas at the rear of the hoof.
  6. Check the heel bulb area and remove any Sikaflex that has oozed at the rear of the boot, making sure at the same time that any gaps at the back of the boot shell are filled with Sikaflex.
  7. Sikaflex may continue to seep out at the rear of the boot over the next few hours: this is normal and a small ball of glue will likely form there. Wait until the following morning to twist off the glue ball or carefully remove it using a sharp knife. Do not attempt to remove the glue ball before the glue is completely dry.

    Removal of the Easyboot Glue-On

    The glue bond between the Easyboot Glue-On shell and hoof starts to break down after several days. You may, however, remove the boot any time before then.

  1. Take a large, flat-head screw driver and slowly break the bond between the Easyboot Glue-On shell and hoof. Start at one point and work all the way around each boot.
  2. Pick up the hoof and gently pry off the boot.
  3. These boots are designed to be used once, but if you want to reuse the shell, this is the best time to remove any remaining glue from the shell. Use a wire grinding wheel to remove all glue residue.
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