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EasyShoe Compete

The EasyShoe Compete is a thin-webbed shoe for use on the track or on turf. The internal metal spine allows for maximum adjustment to a wide variety of hoof shapes and sizes.

*Sold in pairs

  • EasyShoe Compete

EasyShoe Compete

A thin-webbed shoe for use on the track or on turf. The internal metal spine allows for maximum adjustment to a wide variety of hoof shapes and sizes. Available with steel wearplate at the toe.

Vertical flexion allows heel to move independently.

Lateral flexion allows the hoof to expand and contract with every footfall.

Integrated metal spine for shaping and strength.

Open toe allows shoe placement for optimal breakover.

EasyShoe Compete Size Chart

EasyShoe Compete


Width in mm

Length in mm













EasyShoe Compete - Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why should I use the EasyShoe?

A The EasyShoe allows for independent vertical and horizontal expansion and contraction with every footfall throughout a standard trimming cycle.

Q How do I measure?

A Click here for measuring information.

Q How do I determine the correct size?

A By using the EasyShoe FitKit.

Q How long can I use the EasyShoe?

A If properly applied, the EasyShoe will stay on the length of a standard trimming cycle. For best results, EasyCare recommends a 3-6 week trimming cycle.

Q Can I reuse the EasyShoe?

A If adhesives have been used to apply an EasyShoe, it cannot be reused. The Compete can be reset if it has been straight nailed.

Q How does the weight of an EasyShoe compare to the weight of a steel shoe?

A The weight of the EasyShoe will vary by model and size. Below are the weights of an EasyShoe (size 2) and an equivalent steel shoe. Model weight provided in both ounces and grams. Performance: 6.5oz / 184g. Performance N/G: 9oz / 255g. Sport: 6oz / 170g. Compete: 3.5 oz / 99g.Steel Shoe: 14 oz / 397g.

Q Why would I use the spacer system?

A When straight nailing the Compete, the spacer system helps set the shoe to the correct width for the hoof. The spacer also adds structure to the back of the shoe, which is useful for horses transitioning out of steel shoes that need more support.

Q What type of adhesive can I use?

A Adhere or Polyflex Bond. See the EasyShoe videos and application guides for more information.

Q What is a glue dam?

A A glue dam is a strip of closed-cell foam applied to the inside of the shoe that prevents the glue from seeping towards the sole. DO NOT let any glue breach the glue dam when applying the EasyShoe.

Q Can I use packing material?

A Yes, you can use dental impression material, plumber's putty or any pour-in pad of your choice. Consider adding copper sulphate to your packing.

Q Can I use studs to increase traction?

A EasyCare recommends using QuickStuds if you require additional traction.

Q What is the best way to handle the EasyShoe?

A Avoid letting any dust or oils from your hands get on the inside of the shoe. Alway keep the shoe in the pastic bag and never touch the inside of the shoe.