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EasyShoe Flex Light

The EasyShoe Flex Light is a lightweight, long-lasting heart bar shoe that features the concussion absorption powers of polyurethane. It can be nailed, glued or cast in place. It does not come with the spring steel insert or toe and side clip options that are available with other EasyShoe Flex models.

*Sold in pairs

  • EasyShoe Flex Light

The EasyShoe Flex

 *** All sales are final. The EasyShoe Flex is a Clearance Item. EasyCare's 45-Day Guarantee does not cover Clearance items.

The newest addition to our EasyShoe line-up is a hybrid nail-on shoe that features the concussion absorption powers of polyurethane while our unique spring steel core provides flexibility and durability that encourages the hoof to flex with each footfall. The Flex is a great option for distance rides, trail horses, and horse working on hard surfaces. The wide web design also makes the Flex ideal for therapy cases. Holds pour-in packing very well.

The EasyShoe Flex line can be applied with nails, glue or casting. The open nailing slots and clear material make nail placement straight forward and are extremely beneficial for achieving an accurate installation.

Unlike traditional steel or aluminum shoes, no hammer is used to shape the shoe. Simply trace the hoof on the shoe and remove the excess material, as shown in the Flex Application Guide and Video.

The Flex is available in four versions: open heel, heart bar, and full heart bar. Each version is available with a toe clip or side clips. There is also a Flex Light available in the heart bar version without the spring steel core or clips.

No metal insert, shock absorbing urethane core.

Light weight. Size #3 weighs 7oz.

Textured sole surface.

Nail slots to protect nail heads.

The EasyShoe Flex Size Chart

Easyboot Flex - Millimeters


Width in MM

Max Length in MM




















EasyShoe Flex - Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question that's not answered here? Please contact us for more information.

Q How is the EasyShoe Flex applied?

A The EasyShoe Flex line can be applied with nails, glue or casting.

Q Why clear urethane material?

A The clear urethane material allows the farrier to see the white line and allows for exact nail placement without guessing.

Q Can a farrier nail through the urethane or should the urethane be predrilled?

A Both methods work, however most farriers prefer to mark the nail locations and predrill the urethane before nailing. This allows for greater control over the pitch of the nail as it enters the foot.

Q What size nail and style nail do you recommend for application?

A A size 3 or 4 slim blade. E head or combo head.

Q How is the shoe shaped?

A The EasyShoe Flex is not shaped by traditional means. The hoof shape is traced on the shoe and excess material is cut or sanded away for an exact fit. The spring steel insert can’t be shaped and will spring back to the original shape.

Q How much material can be removed when shaping and can you grind away metal?

A Roughly 10mm of material can be removed from each side (20mm total). Removing 10mm will remove both urethane and metal. This is not an issue because the shoe is designed to have both urethane and metal removed. Sides will be smooth to the touch with no sharp edges. With 10mm removed, the nailing slots are still long enough for nailing.

Q Can the angle of the toe and side clips be changed?

A The toe and side clips come angled to match most feet. The angle of the clips can be changed with a hammer or a large pair of channel locks. We recommend making the changes slowly to avoid cracking the clips.

Q Why is the core made from spring steel?

A Spring steel has unique qualities that allow the steel to bend and flex and return to its original shape. Plus, it allows for a solid nailing platform without limiting flex in the toe, quarters and heels.

Q What makes the spring steel and urethane unique?

A The spring steel allows the shoe to bend and flex. The urethane absorbs concussion and has excellent traction.

Q The nailing slots are “open.” What does this mean?

A On traditional iron shoes the nailing location is roughly 10mm from the outside of the shoe. These locations are not always in the best location for the hoof. The EasyShoe Flex has an open nailing position that allows the farrier to place the nail in the precise location.

Q What is the difference between the EasyShoe Performance N/G and the EasyShoe Flex?

A The EasyShoe Performance N/G has more side to side flex. The internal metal on the N/G is not spring steel.

Q Are the shoes front or hind specific?

A No. The shoe can be used for front or hind feet. Simply trace the hoof shape on the shoe and remove excess material with a band saw or belt sander.

Q What is the weight of the EasyShoe Flex Open Heel?

A A size #3 weighs roughly 10oz. An equivalent Kerkhaert steel shoe is 14oz.

Q What is the weight of the EasyShoe Flex Heart Bar?

A A size #3 weighs roughly 11.5oz. An equivalent Kerkhaert steel shoe is 14oz.

Q What is the difference between the EasyShoe Flex Heart Bar and EasyShoe Flex Full Heart Bar?

A The EasyShoe Flex Heart Bar has urethane through the heel area. The EasyShoe Flex Full Heart Bar has spring steel through the heel area and is more rigid, which may be better for certain therapy cases.

Q Can the EasyShoe Flex be reset?

A Yes. The wide web design offers exceptional wear and resets are expected.

Q Can studs be used in the EasyShoe Flex?

A Yes. EasyCare Quick Studs can be applied for added traction.